Blender Guru – Understanding Composition

An indepth look at creating compositions in blender.

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TieDie’s How Video Game Characters Are Made (FULL PROCESS)

I have always  been interested in 3D modeling of characters but i never knew the process. Bigups to tiedie for breaking it down and check out his channel!

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intro song: Lyre le temps – LOOKING LIKE THIS

Channel Chriswell – Her – Needs & Desires

My Hats off to this guy “Channel Chriswell” for doing it again, and making another one of these awesome videos.

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Under The Scope Reviews – The Importance of Weight in Action

Hey sorry for not posting in quite i a while. I have been dealing with the business that is life. Anyways, I came across this video done by Under The Scope Reviews about weight in fight scenes and it really brings me back to why fights are essential to the plot of a story and character development in storytelling. Trust me its not just hype.

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Japter Dark – OMG! Twerk Cosplay Anime Rap Video

The Great Japter Dark RAPS!? check it out!

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A VERY! Impressive technical break down of Akira Toryama’s Dragon Ball series (manga) by Super Eyepatch Wolf

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Dragon Maid’s Amazing Fight Animation

Originally posted on Wave Motion Cannon:
The centerpiece of the second episode of Dragon Maid is a brief, yet electorate action cut filled to the brim with effect animation uncharacteristically (and not in a bad way!) flashy for KyoAni.¬† The scene only lasts for half a minute but hits like a bellowing locomotive of visual…

Channel Chriswell on Cowboy Bebop

A VERY interesting take on the plot of Cowboy Bebop from “Channel Chriswell” a must watch!

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ConnectEd- Day in the Life: Flash Animator

Katharine is the animator and voice actress for the Post-Nup Show. As part of ConnectEd’s “Day in the Life” series, Katharine talks about the skills needed to be an animator and the path she took to get there.

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Been a while New Artwork

Its been a while since i posted some art work and judging by the recent ups and downs in my traffic i think its safe to assume most of you are new to my blog and are not familiar with who i am outside of a random person that posts cool video essays about cinematography and animation tutorials.

I am also an artist, well Multi-Media or Digital Artist if you believe in labels, infact some of my work has been infront of you this whole time! You need only look to the left of your screen on my blog and you will see a nice little webcomic that hasn’t been updated in about forever but that is for another post.

Without any further ramblings here’s a bit of what i have been up too.


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