Blender Guru – Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics

An inspirational video about Blender and its capabilities by Andrew Price (BlenderGuru)

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Roberto Blake – Business Advice for EVERY Animator and Artist!

There are alot of starving artists out there, and its not because you are a bad artist or animator its usually because you don’t know the “ins and outs” of that particular business. That is why this video is for you, Robert Blake gives you his 2 cents on what he would do if he was an Animator/Artists in this day and age. Check it out, and you can Support him here:

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Game of Thrones: Inside the Visual Effects

I’m kinda realing from the fact that this show is gonna end. But i bet most of you are curious about the visual effects of the show as am I. So here it is, instead of searching for it on youtube just check my blog, i will find it for you.

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“Adventure Time” story process

An awesome presentation by Cole Sanchez on the process of writing and storyboarding for adventure time and regular show. Check it out, and support this channel SHSK9Studios

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The Daily Conversation – The Future of Visual Effects (VFX)

Awesome video by “The Daily Conversation” that puts into perspective the future of visual effects and how far we have come since then.

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Video by Bryce Plank
Editing by Robin West

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Blender Guru – Understanding Composition

An indepth look at creating compositions in blender.

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TieDie’s How Video Game Characters Are Made (FULL PROCESS)

I have always  been interested in 3D modeling of characters but i never knew the process. Bigups to tiedie for breaking it down and check out his channel!

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Channel Chriswell – Her – Needs & Desires

My Hats off to this guy “Channel Chriswell” for doing it again, and making another one of these awesome videos.

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Under The Scope Reviews – The Importance of Weight in Action

Hey sorry for not posting in quite i a while. I have been dealing with the business that is life. Anyways, I came across this video done by Under The Scope Reviews about weight in fight scenes and it really brings me back to why fights are essential to the plot of a story and character development in storytelling. Trust me its not just hype.

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Japter Dark – OMG! Twerk Cosplay Anime Rap Video

The Great Japter Dark RAPS!? check it out!

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