Hey guys, whats up! Guess what? This is my first post on my first WordPress blog, are you happy? i know i am. Anyways, most of what i will be blogging about from now till forever will be regarding some of my favorite things which will include, animation, animation, animation, animation, animation, animation, cartoons, most of which revolve around my pet project called “Lenny” which is a web-cartoon. What is a web-cartoon you ask? well, go “google it”.


I will on the other hand, place a link to were you can view the episodes of my cartoon that i am working on with my humble crew, btw the link is embedded in the image, CLICK IT! >=) Well that is it for now, i hope you check out the animations and if you would like to see more, subscribe to my channel or just keep checking out my blog that i will be having the great pleasure of customizing till i see fit =) thanks, enjoy.

P.S.  well, i suppose the link embedded in the image is not working ( so much for trying to be elaborate) so here is the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFk3vdOxbvc&feature=player_embedded


About lennyandfriends

I am a one man art collective that would like to form a conglomerate of really talented and really passionate artistic people one day. I share things that interest me from animation tutorials, animations, documentaries and film about animation to music, music videos. I would also like to branch out and investigate other areas and share my finds with you all here as well as more of my own animations and comics. Feel free to browse and enjoy the many things to read and watch on my blog.

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  1. Hey just wanted to let you know I watched the pilot for Lenny and wanted to tell you nice work and best of luck on creating more of it.

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