Now for all of those who may not know, but i used to attend an art school (i didn’t finish), but boy was that a trip! i learned alot from those, so-called lecturers…. Of the many things i went through aside from the new experiences there was the critiques, basically how that worked is once or twice every semester you would take all the paintings you did in that semester put them up on a wall and the head of department and other painting teachers, students, and on lookers share their feedback or destroy your piece. I would get bashed sometimes, but i don’t think it really pushed me because i my major was painting (which i didn’t like) so that never got any were.

Now i’m an animator! and a passionate one too, i have real goals and aspirations for what it is i’m doing right now, and i believe it will take myself and my team places if we stick our minds too it. Which is why i am stepping out of my self-contained bubble and showing the animatic of the second episode around to some trusted opinions before i move on to the animation process. I don’t particularly like critiques, in fact i feel the same about them as any other passionate artist would, but what i hate the most is not the opinions its the fact that i have to go back to the drawing board and wrestle with the work again to get it to the point were the flaws that burdened it in the first critique no longer exists and in its place is a more refined and entertaining.  However their is danger in showing the work around to too many people, and i don’t mean running the risk of having the idea stolen, to me what is worst is becoming dependent on an opinion i hate the feeling of loss that comes over you when you don’t quite understand the criticism and you have to go back to the drawing board.

That feeling is similar to a kid being called to the chalk board to solve an equation and he is immobilized, completely disarmed by the complexity of the equation, and he looks up at the board and suddenly the board looks vast and plagued with obstacles that would devour him if he dared to venture beyond what he knew was safe. Thats how i feel when i have to go back to the drawing board, i tend to find myself wrestling with something i thought was good. I also hate the feeling of working and you don’t feel so confident about your vision any more. Its almost like walking through the desert lost, ( and i don’t mean lost as in cannot find point A from point B, i mean you do not know north from south from east from west). In spite of all of that i must truck on no matter what the outcome , keep working, keep showing it around, keep getting feed back positive and negative, keep feeling like a kid that doesn’t know the answer on the chalk board and keep feeling like a lost wanderer in the desert, eventually you find your way  every great artist struggles immensely and profoundly with their work, thats what makes them great and more importantly thats what makes them artists, it kinda comes with the territory. Also, always remember, you are not alone.

I know i posted no other pics for this blog post, sorry kids maybe next time, but until next time check out the first episode of lenny here: and if you like it and wanna see more subscribe to my channel, and if you wanna read more insightful posts from me just keep checking by this blog, i will keep you posted.


About lennyandfriends

I am a one man art collective that would like to form a conglomerate of really talented and really passionate artistic people one day. I share things that interest me from animation tutorials, animations, documentaries and film about animation to music, music videos. I would also like to branch out and investigate other areas and share my finds with you all here as well as more of my own animations and comics. Feel free to browse and enjoy the many things to read and watch on my blog.

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