“Kundalini” the term is used mainly in Yogic practices and describes the primal energy or “Shakti”  located at the base of the spine.  In different spiritual practices you will find that alot of them “teach” the student methods in which they can awaken their Kundalini in order to attain spiritual enlightenment. In the Upanishads they describe the kundalini as laying coiled at the base of the spine. Others represent the kundalini as a Goddess or a sleeping serpent.

For this piece i chose the Goddess.

kundalini framed

Upon reading about the Kundalini it struck a chord with me about the commonality of the stuff i have been reading regarding developing a deeper connection with myself and the feeling it gives me.  Its a shot of radiant energy that dispels all that is negative within its wake.  I have also decided to put this piece up for sale on my shop framed and all.

kundalini framed 2


About lennyandfriends

I am a one man art collective that would like to form a conglomerate of really talented and really passionate artistic people one day. I share things that interest me from animation tutorials, animations, documentaries and film about animation to music, music videos. I would also like to branch out and investigate other areas and share my finds with you all here as well as more of my own animations and comics. Feel free to browse and enjoy the many things to read and watch on my blog.

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