No, this video was not done by Edgar Wright. The video is just using his movies as a good reference for breaking down “Visual Comedy”. I also understand the need to criticize American movies for their lack of innovation in cinematography but i think film makers forget that the entertainment industry in the United States is a BUSINESS  so even tho you will see innovation to a degree in American cinema you will not see it in every film because most american films no matter what the genre is going to be very formulaic from delivery of lines to storytelling because the studios are trying to MAKE MONEY!!!! above all else, they are not trying to reinvent the wheel.

Regardless i think this is a great video reference for people in film or animation like myself and want to find interesting ways to convey humor throughout your story.


About lennyandfriends

I am a one man art collective that would like to form a conglomerate of really talented and really passionate artistic people one day. I share things that interest me from animation tutorials, animations, documentaries and film about animation to music, music videos. I would also like to branch out and investigate other areas and share my finds with you all here as well as more of my own animations and comics. Feel free to browse and enjoy the many things to read and watch on my blog.

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