What the F*** is a ‘Sight Set’? That is a good question indeed! But they are not the point. At least not quite lol they are a local band who i had the pleasure of attending many a show and i think they are a truly talented set of people but i am not gonna sit here and discuss specifics about them here with you. I will let them speak for themselves through their music.

You can support them here:

Website: http://www.sightset.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sightset

Twitter: @sightsetband

Instagram: @sightset

This is there mascot, i REALLY like their mascot!


His name is “Floridaman”

Oh by the way, I did some album art work for them. The album is entitled, “Trophies for Trying” you can listen to it on their youtube channel or right here





About lennyandfriends

I am a one man art collective that would like to form a conglomerate of really talented and really passionate artistic people one day. I share things that interest me from animation tutorials, animations, documentaries and film about animation to music, music videos. I would also like to branch out and investigate other areas and share my finds with you all here as well as more of my own animations and comics. Feel free to browse and enjoy the many things to read and watch on my blog.

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