Dragon Maid’s Amazing Fight Animation

I can appreciate this not as an anime fan but as an amateur animator. Check this out!

Wave Motion Cannon

The centerpiece of the second episode of Dragon Maid is a brief, yet electorate action cut filled to the brim with effect animation uncharacteristically (and not in a bad way!) flashy for KyoAni.  The scene only lasts for half a minute but hits like a bellowing locomotive of visual style, displaying a remarkable level of technical competence. The entire cut is an amazing display of shapes and colors that morph and change to build the energy of the scene, improving on the few pages in chapter 9 of the manga. It begs the question, ‘Who came up with this?’ or better yet, ‘Who animated it?’

First thing we should do is look at the staff: credit to Ron at AnimeStyle

Script: Yuka Yamada (山田由香)
Storyboard : Yasuhiro Takemoto (武本康弘)
Episode Director:Shinpei Sawa (澤真平)Animation Direction: Yuki Tsunoda (角田有希), with Akiko Takase (高瀬亜貴子) assisting

Key Animation
Nami Iwasaki (岩﨑菜美) 

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